I'm done with my homework, finally !!
I've been sitting infront of my computer for 5 days now and sometimes I just want to punch my computer but no!, instead my keyboard gets the hit, lol. 
Hope this will not occur again because I feel sorry for my computer, I don't want to break it. I want to break something that is unbreakable  so I can keep on hitting it when I'm angry or when my code is not working as I want it to work.
Thanks to my beautiful and super nice classmates I think there is a chance I can make it through school. It's super hard that's why my boyrfriend told me to buy something for myself to make me focus.
So I've waited for Iphone 6s plus to be available to buy on internet. So yeah I bought it and I'm super excited to get it !! Aaaah it's my first cellphone that I bought for myself.
Här får ni en söt bild på sötnosen som väntar alltid på mig när jag var framför datorn i många timmar <33
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