My bucket list

before i die there is some things I want to do. 
travel the world is my real dream, if I could and have the confidence to do it myself I would definitely do it.
but im the person who gets in trouble fast because I trust everybody, I think that every human in this world is nice but there can be a human who show themself that they are nice but they are not.
so that kind of trouble i've been through a lot, that's why i've got my family, friend and boyfriend to protect me.
sad that there's gotta some idiots out there... scary but what can we really do about it?

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21 y/o blogger that loves to write about fashion, art, food and goals in life.
I’m simple and living the life to the fullest, trying to fulfill my dreams to travel the world and explore it.
Right now I’m a student and studying to be a Web Developer .NET