Im not perfect.

There's a lot of people who think Im a perfect person who has a perfect life.
But really I'm not, im just a normal girl who's trying her best to have a life that I've always wanted.
I'm usually a positive person that never gives up, but a long the road I've lost this side of me and now I'm always sad and doesnt have the confident to stand up for herself.
It's kinda sad to think that I've became this person that I'm now, because when I was younger I've promise myself to never let anyone bring me down.
It feels like everyday is hard to get by, because im trying my best to smile and have fun with the people that surrounding me, but there's day when it's super hard to even move my lips and try to smile.
There's days when I'm to afraid to go out, but I'll do it anyway because I need to.
I remind myself that It doesn't help at all to do nothing, or being afraid.
But if you try and keep on going, and do the impossible things, you will make it and you will do your best and then find yourself and be happy.
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Alla hjärtans dag Smink - Tutorial

Det här är mitt första smink video för min youtube kanal, hoppas ni gillar det.
Jag tänker börja med youtube istället för att blogga då jag gillar att läsa bloggar än att göra mina egna blogg inlägg som är sååå tråkiga att läsa :P
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